The Curse of the Race Baiter

Once upon a time there was a talented daytime television personality. The masses loved her show and flocked daily to see what new delights she had in store for them…

…and then it all went to hell.

Yes, I’m talking about Oprah Winfrey. And yes, I do view her and her views as a curse on the United States of America. Her latest comments don’t really come as a shock, but they are certainly inflammatory. Old white people who were raised in an environment steeped in racism “just need to die.The office of president doesn’t get respect because of racism. Good lord, is it any wonder that race relations in this nation are still awful?

Now, I’m not denying that racism is real and very much alive in this country. Because then I’d be as big a fool as Ms. Winfrey is. No, I know that it’s real. But let’s put it in it’s proper context. The Oprahs of the world would have us believe that the only reason people don’t respect Barack Obama is because of the color of his skin.

What a racist! I’m serious. Oprah is a racist. A racist is one who believes their race is superior to that of another. When you have the gall to suggest that people of another color are incapable of respecting a president because of his skin color, you have said those people are incapable of intelligent thought. All they are capable of is hate based on superficial qualities. That sure seems like setting up your own race as the superior one to me.

What a bunch of crap.

Many believe based upon Barack Obama’s actions that he and his administration have been involved in all kinds of unethical activities that they have worked hard to cover up. In light of the disaster that has been the Obamacare roll out, we also now know that he blatantly and if we’re being honest, unapologetically lied to the American people.

These are legitimate reasons to disrespect the man. It is the office that we are to respect as Americans. But the man who holds the office must earn that respect and for many he hasn’t.

Let me tell you something, I have no respect for the current president of the United States and it has nothing to do with his skin color. He could have the same peaches and cream complexion as me and I would still think he was one of the worst presidents this nation has ever had.

The lies and cover ups of his administration should be enough reason for those of us who dislike President Obama to state our opinion, without further need to defend ourselves against accusations of racism.

But the Oprahs of the world won’t let that happen. They can’t be bothered with clear, rational, and legitimate arguments and discourse. No, they have to play the race card. And in doing so they fuel the flames of animosity between different races.

I’m an honest enough person to admit that comments like hers do in fact make me temporarily resentful of African Americans. How could they not? When you reduce my legitimate concerns and frustrations to “she’s just a racist,” it’s bound to make me angry. I’m also intelligent enough to know she doesn’t speak for all people of her color, and so I quickly come to my senses.

But how many out there let her words linger and fester? Those people are responsible for their own thoughts and actions. But Oprah and people like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton have to bear some of the responsibility. They willfully and intentionally put Caucasians on the defensive. They prolong the divide and prevent any hope of racism truly being stamped out in this nation.

They are a curse and their words are poison.


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